3 Ways to Get More Mileage From Your Case Studies

You're probably already sold on the value of case studies (or success stories as they're often called) in showing potential customers how other companies have succeeded with your products.

If not, what are you waiting for?

But once you've done the work to produce the case studies, are you gaining the full benefit of this valuable content within your marketing strategy?

Case studies can carry a heavy load as pieces of your marketing collateral. Most stories have a long shelf life, unless your products change or you focus less on a particular industry vertical.

As busy as most companies are these days, it doesn't make sense just to create the case study, place it on your website and use it at a trade show or two. You can do more with just a little more effort.

That's why you might want to take a look at the three strategies below, strategies you might not be using to get your valuable stories in front of more prospects.

(1) Feature the case study in an email series.

Often you'd like to educate potential clients using an email series.

Maybe you want to send out a series of emails when a prospect signs up for your newsletter.

Or you've decided to create several emails targeted to customers showing interest in a particular product.

What better way to connect with readers than showcasing success stories from other customers?

Depending on the length of the case study, you can excerpt it in the email, offering readers a link to the full case study on your website.

You'll find these are some of the most read emails in your arsenal, especially when you take the time to craft a compelling title and get right to the story.

Need some help writing the email copy?

(2) Create a mobile link to your case study.

As more and more businesspeople consume content from their mobile phones, you're probably looking for ways to meet that need.

A QR code linking to content formatted for mobile viewing can give potential customers instant gratification and have them reading about your company right away.

And when that story is a compelling case study that describes a cost-saving product implementation, even better.

A caution. Never send readers on a mobile device to a website formatted for a conventional computer. It's the surest way to aggravate them and ensure your business is ignored.

(3) Target a trade journal with the completed case study

Virtually every industry has trade magazines in wide circulation. And most journals covet well-written articles highlighting problems and solutions, especially those with quantifiable results.

That's a golden opportunity for both you and your customer. Often publication in a trusted industry magazine provides significant positive publicity and name recognition and may position the company as a thought leader in their field.

Do your homework first. Before approaching the customer, spend some time researching potential markets. Ask others in your organization for editorial industry contacts.

Look for markets with typical readers interested in what you and your customer do. And get familiar with the types of articles used, so you know how to pitch your case study for maximum effect.

Case studies pack a powerful punch. Are you getting the most out of yours?

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